Iso SACD Volumio 2

is actually possible to hear iso sacd on volumio 2?
How to do it?
Thanks a lot

There is no official version of MPD with support for this, though there is a fork from Maxim V.Anisiutkin which is supposed to add the functionality. There has been some work for an Odroid C2 version, published on the dyiaudio forum by a user called xxxbugxxxx.

Is there any guide on how to add this fork to the MPD which Volumio 2 uses? I am new to Linux, and trying to understand how this all works.


OK, I found the xxxbugxxxx in Github and it seems to work with Odroid and Raspberry Pi, but I don´t know how to instal it in Volumio. See link below: … nanimHaber

Can someboddy help me?

Thanks a lot

There are instructions on the Github site for compiling this version of mpd. Note that it only works for certain XMOS usb devices.

We tryed hard, but nothing was achieved with ours efforts !

We just want to play our SACD ISO files using a Raspberry Pi 3 B with Volumio .

Can somebuddy help us?

Thanks a lot.

Hy gvcurcio

for me it’s also very important to get an solution for this
but also i’m interested in how you get the iso files uf not with
Sony PS3 . Woukd you please explain.

Kind regards

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Hi Arpath

My ISOs was obtained using a PS3 to rip from my SACDs.

Okay thank you for your answer
The problem i have with it is the format limitation
So i thought there could be another way to rip it.

Kind regards

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Sorry for late post but I would suggest (if youre on windows)
2 options:
From the “What’s new list”

  • Added support for DSD/DST and DFF decoding (as files or as SACD ISOs).
  • Added support to extract track from SACD ISO as DFF or DST.
  • Added support to merge SACD/DST/DFF files to DFF/DST formats without transcoding.

I haven’t tried the SACD iso feature but everything else with xrecode is great. I use it regularly to transcode/rip my CD’s and tag music (together with Tag&Rename -

Secondly you could also have a look at

They work and it is also possible to run them under Linux. This also handles the multichannel part on some SACD’s

Hope this is a good “workaround”.