Is this 5'' 800x480 TFT Raspberry Pi DSI Touchscreen compatible with the official touchplugin?

I have ordered the same touchscreen for my brother-in-law, as soon as it is in and start building for his volumio streamer I will check if there is some version number in it.

keep on building new ones @michel8166 fill the world with volumio streamers lol

hahahah I will :grin:

happened to have the brother of a good friend of mine visit recently and heard my volumio streamer, he was quite impressed, he himself has no childish stuff either, everything from pinkfaun (also the streamer) and thiel speakers .

so probably building a streamer for him too, it’s just a matter of time before he sees the benefits.

nice keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick question about your screen. Is there a way to just turn the screen off and not the Rpi? I want to use a touch screen but I don’t want to turn the whole system off at night, just the screen.