Is this 5'' 800x480 TFT Raspberry Pi DSI Touchscreen compatible with the official touchplugin?

the vim boards have already headers installed generic ones not…
and he’s talking about vim … in the end he recalls generic boards.
so i think this is vim on the picture but what you say should work ,
if i’m reading it right.

but there are 3 ways to do it…

I have already soldered the gpio header to it myself, these are included.

I deliberately did not use the USB ground cable to the khadas because it is not entirely clear to me, what I do know is that the tone board is no longer recognized in volumio when I apply this, I have not yet tried this on a PC or Mac.

spdif in will work if you have 5 volts externally.

hopefully you didn’t blow any thing… i think i gonna connect it direct to the pi without tweaking.

no really not, with an intact usb cable and external 5 volts it all works fine (even without external power supply) only the data goes wrong separately.

glad to hear that :slight_smile: how many amps does the board pull?

I wouldn’t know exactly, but what I’ve read it uses very little.

so if it’s not more the 0.5 amp you could use power from the pi i have not yet a linear power supply here

here someone is talking about 111 mA.

and you already know that your lps is a good one?
so powering it from the pi should give no problem. i use now dragonfly’s have all 3 versions

I power the raspberry pi 4b with a studer900 and it works fine in collaboration with khadas, even without external power board.

i have a ifi 2,5 amp and a 3 amp rasp power sup. here maybe in time i will change it to a external linear power supply. first i want to here how this board sounds… it should be sweet

at least it sounds nicer than my current and both modified Logitech transporter and duet, plus an allo Boss 2.1 and teradak.
I can no longer compare it with my previous dac boards.

but I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

i hope so what i read it should sound sweet.

got the 4.3 inch screen, works perfectly and exactly the nice size for the streamer.

Thanks for the tip :relaxed:

I am glad that i could help

built in it now, I’m happy with it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

just for the statistics, software backlight control of your plugin works with this 4.3 inch wave share touchscreen.

Good to now :slight_smile: Many thanks for reporting! Can you tell which (hardware) version the display has?

how can i check this? there is nothing on the back of the touchscreen, no version number or anything.

I don’t know. I hoped there would be some revision code on the PCB of the display.

I am pretty sure in the past Waveshare’s website showed brightness regulation for the 4.3 DSI display only by PWM - following your link I wasn’t able to find that information anymore, so I suspected there could be new a revision which would be distinguishable somehow.