Is this 5'' 800x480 TFT Raspberry Pi DSI Touchscreen compatible with the official touchplugin?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: always the last.
Hardware: raspberry pi 4b.
DAC: kladas tone board.

One question before I buy it.
is this touchscreen compatible with the official volumio touch plugin or do additional drivers need to be installed?

thank you in advance.

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it should work, i hope you can find any settings for the screen i can’t find any.
i cant find any info some have problems with it what i read with 5.x kernels.

I have a waveshare 5 inch and it worked straight from the box, no special config needed.
Also dsi screen needs special config?


@Lintbf from waveshare you could find a lot of info … better support online.

Yes, I know but I wanted to point out that there was not needed to add some special configs…

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that’s not with every screen ask gvolt…

Good to know, Thanks

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something like this should work without any problems?

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anwser is yes …

install the touch display plugin and your good to go.
i didn’t see any touch drivers to install it should be driver free

That’s right, I can’t find anything about it either, so maybe not such a good move to buy it.

if I’m right they are talking about an HDMI touchscreen, or am I wrong, or does this also apply to a DSI screen?

Hi Michel,
I have exactly the 4.3 dsi, no config, it worked like I said, our of the box, Sory I was wrong, I do not have 5 inch… I am planning to buy one, but 4. 3 worked, only touch plugin activated and you are good to go.

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it’s internal on dsi connected not on hdmi

Exactly, it is conencted via dsi interface… Ribon cable, exactly Like the one from Michel link

Thanks, I’ll go for the 4.3 inch.

Pls check that waveshare has also a 5 inch dsi…

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I didn’t know that, learned something again.
thanks again for the quick help :+1:

Be aware that brightness control for the Waveshare 4.3" DSI display can only be achieved by PWM. It has no software backlight control. This seems (I didn’t test it) to be different with the Waveshare 5" DSI display.

In any case for these DSI screens don’t follow the Waveshare instructions “Working with Volumio” from dvo’s post above (post #9). Idk why Waveshare linked it for DSI screens since it applies (only) to HDMI connected displays…

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the screen is not for me but for someone I am going to build a streamer for and he initially wanted a 3.5 inch but couldn’t find one with hdmi or dsi.

but slightly larger is not a problem, hence the 4.3 inch.

and for me it was about that as soon as there are updates for volumio that he can implement them without problems, because with custom software gives problems with updating volumio.

about pwm here some info :

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