Is there a way to rescale min/max volume ?

I have Volumio 1.55 + HifiBerry Dac+. The volume works but bascially only in the range 50% to 100%
Under 50% i hear nothing at all.

Is it possible to “rescale” the system so that when i set the volume “knob” to 0% it actually sets 50%? (not sure if this is typical, i’m currently using a cheap amplifier/speaker, but within the audible range it sounds good.
Waiting for a better amp to arrive)

In other words i woud like to use the full range of the volume knob whereas now 0-100 for my ears is 50-100 on the dial.
I would like to tell the system that when the sounds starts to be audible show it as about 5%/10% volume.

In fact when i just started the system i thought it was broken because i did not hear anything at all… once i set it to 100% i heard it loud and clear and then discovered that there is no point going under 50%

Maybe it’s a setting of MPD or ALSA but i have no idea where to look. Would be nice if VolumIO had an easy setting to define the audible range.

In my case 100% is still fine but i can imagine some people needing to limit to e,g. 90% to prevent clipping so the question goes in both directions.

Its a known issue, due to a mismatch in the scaling.

Volumio 2 will resolve the issue once it is released I believe.