Is there a mobile DAP on the market (something like a Fiio M11) that has Volumio as OS?

Can you run Volumio on such a DAP ?

Cheers Christian

you could make you own. :slight_smile:


i didn’t see any yet running volumio. so that’s all you could do …
most of the portable dac’s come with there own system.

and emulation of 3 disks it’s not a simple tool or app it’s more than that.

Ähm that will not work . I am not a programmer. I thought about a Hiby Dap those are running on a custom linux. Or a android app that emolating a Pi or an app thats using all volumio features. I think Volumio would be a perfect solution for a mobile Dap.

i see 1 linux (what version ?) hiby R3, all android there.
and you have to get all drivers working with volumio if not your stuck.

Yeah , I can’t do it but it would be a fantastic solution for mobile Audio. You would have everything you need in your Hand and with an adapter you coud also use it on your Stereo system. A Volumio primo Hifi mobile. Maybe somebody can do it in cooperation with volumio.

Shortly: no, there isn’t and there’s no chance we’re going to have something like that in near future. There’re particular reasons for that I’m not going to ramble about (a book could we written on the topic).

Good news is that on Android based DAPs you can buy and run USB Audio Player PRO which is an amazing piece of software created by a very thoughtful guy who really cares about sound quality and knows what he’s doing.
Comparable to the best audio engines on the market (Roon, JRiver, etc.).