Is there a chance of an update for the Odroid C1 +?


I run two Volumio-Devices:

The first one is a Raspberry Pi3 with a JustBoom DAC and Volumio 2.295. It works perfect.

The 2nd device is an Odroid C1+ with an ODROID-C1+/C2 HIFI SHIELD DAC and Volumio 2.166. It works, but itś quite bugy.
Some examples: When I change or adjust a system setting, the device always crashes. The covers are also not shown.

So my question: Is there a realistic chance of an update for the Odroid C1 + to a newer version with less bugs?


Devices other than PI and X86 are updated on best effort basis.
So an update will probably happen, but don’t know when…


Thankx for your answer!
So let`s wait and hope :wink:


Hi Mark,
I’ll make sure Odroids are getting updated after we have ticked off the current PI/x86 issues and verified the OTA update also works.
Internal dev versions of C1/C1+/C2 are already ok.
Getting close…
– Gé –

Hi Gé,

It sounds great that other smbc are not forgotten :slight_smile:
By the way, In my reading RPi and x86 are alpha / beta testers for another smbcs ( for ex. Odroid C2). :slight_smile: