Is the hate for the Amlogic S912 chipset still valid?

I purchased a Vorke Z6 as my first Android box. It shipped with Android 7.1.2 and Kodi 17.4 pre-installed. Hardware included Gigabit Ethernet, 32GB flash, 3GB DDR4 RAM, 8 core CPU, etc.

The box is stable and very fast. Is this because I’m not doing HD Audio and 4K video, or have the drivers finally matured to the point where the S912 is fairly robust for Kodi? I keep reading the warnings, even in this subreddit’s FAQ, and they just don’t match my experience. Am I lucky, or just understressing it with an older TV, or have things changed and the support finally matured for this chipset?

Thank you for indulging my question.

Volumio is all about audio, we do not do video I’m afraid.
Your question is something for the Kodi forum.