Is it time to change my board (Odroid C1+ > Pi3, Sparky ?)

Hi all,

I’m now using volumio since a while on my Odroid C1+ (with Audio GD NFB1 Amanero USB), but it seems that volumio for OC1+ s not updated since some monthes (latest version 2.166) and maybe no more updated in the future :slight_smile:

Do you think I need to change my board to have the benefits (?) of the latest versions of Volumio. And if, may I choose a Raspberry Pi3 or Sparky ?

Pff… not easy…

As Pi(3) and x86 are the main platforms, others like the Odroid or Sparky will always stay a little (or a lot) behind as porting to less popular and exotic platforms isn’t easy and often not without issues.

As you are using USB as your main transport, the Pi isn’t the best option as there are quite some people with issues with this combination.

Going x86 would be a safer direction I think.

My 2 cents; go for a x86 based solution. Great Volumio support and working well with most USB transports.

As always, YMMV…

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C0C1/C1+ and C2 will be updated very shortly. And you have my guarantee that Odroids won’t get left behind!!
Our policy is to do development on PI and X86, and, as soon when released , add all others on best effort.
We have come to exactly that point now, with PI and X86 being tested with the updater and the new features.
Some other platforms already got their dev versions before releasing.
So please hold on a few more days, you won’t be disappointed.

and in case you are really desperate, this is a current dev version Odroid C0/C1/C1+ 2.317
and Odroid C2 2.317

These were the images I was going to verify this week, you are welcome to join in.

– Gé –

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Odroid C2 version downloaded…Good news ! Is it a ”full” install or ”update” ? Does it work via ”System update” from UI ? My current version is 2.238 and it works very stable … except few things … like missing ”back” button in music library view and direct DSD does not produce sound, just a DOP … Is it change log available ? … Which kernel do You use ? …
In any case I will give a try in next days …

Big thank you for developers and contributors, you are doing a relly hard work just for fun and love …

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I think answers to all those questions will come with the official release. In the meantime you are welcome to try it out & experiment with the dev release :slight_smile:.

Hi, chsims1,

I’m not sure, that this is a right place for report … but …
-I’m using 32 GB eemc for setup on odroid C2.
-My USB DAC ( Topping D30, XMOS) have no more HW mixer, only SW, or NONE.
-Still, playing DSD files is possible only via DOP.
-BACK button is available again in MUSIC LIBRARY.
-Installing TOUCH DISPLAY cause endless RESTARTING Volumio main interface, but SSH is alive.
-Spotify, web radio, you tube, music library and gpio plugin ( with modified port munbers) are OK.
-So, I will do one more install from scratch, to verify statements from above …
-Kernel is the same as from my working version (2.238) : 3.14.79

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Of the non-Pi SBC, which SBC will get the most support? Thx.


Sorry for the delay :slight_smile:
Thks to all for your answers.
In fact, I’m very please with my Odroid. No necessary need to change my board, it was just in case of… But if the Odroid will received update, all is fine.

However, there is a problem I’d like to solve without succes still today. I’m trying to connect my DAC via I2S but every attempt fail with my OC1+ and my RPI2 (even with the help of Kingwa, the Audio-GD conceptor) and I’m asking if I could get more success with RPI3 or Sparki board.

Everything related to specific SBC’s is voluntary community work (community members, moderators, devs) or, in a few cases, contributed by their (specific) suppliers.
Apart from PI and X86, the volumio team does not determine which SBC gets most support.
It depends on the volunteers and suppliers mentioned above.

What type of I2S connection do you have to your DAC (which DAC?)

The Audio-GD hdmi I2S boards can be used together with a Pi directly or for example by using the I2S option of a Hifiberry Digi+ Pro.

A company like MagnaHifi can help in this area.

I do not see what replacing the Pi 2 with a Pi 3 (or Sparky) changes anything in the area of what you want to achieve. But the Pi3 is not expensive and might be worth a try. And the additional performance helps Volumio to run smoother :slight_smile:

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HDMI works. Unfortunately, mine is RJ45. My DAC is an Audio-GD NF1. However, USB Amanero works really well.

Hi Ge,
I’m testing this C1 + dev version since 3 weeks and everything works like a charm (spotify plug notably). Maybe it’s time to publish in the download section :slight_smile:

Yes, that was the plan.
Unfortunately (but less for me) time ran out, I won’t be able to help until mid January (the niceties of moving).
But trust Michelangelo is reading this too :wink: