Is it possible to turn off console for boot time?


Got my touch screen connected and the UI tweaked to almost perfect. Now only issue that I have is booting. I modified cmdline.txt to put informative texts to tty3 and mostly it works, after reboot the screen is blank, then Volumio logo appears, screen is blanked again… and then for about 20-30 seconds console logon screen is displayed, before GUI is loaded.

Now the question is - is it possible to hide that logon screen or ideally show Volumio logo instead of it? As I plan turning the streamer off via trigger input from the amplifier and automatically turn it on with other devices if amplifier starts, then I’d like to see as smooth boot screen as possible :slight_smile:

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sudo systemctl disable getty@tty1.service

Thanks, will try that.

Another question about that logon screen - it seems that the about 20 seconds delay is caused by waiting for network connection. As I understand it is by design, as Volumio is supposed to run headlessly. Actually I don’t need that delay, because if there are connection problems, I can restart networking from the GUI using touchscreen later too. With Raspbian the delay for waiting a network connection can be turned off, but I couldn’t find any good instructions for Volumio or the background, what that configuration does in Raspbian.

So is it somehow possible to turn that delay off in Volumio?