Is it possible to install Volumio on an IBOOK G3?

Hi, I installed Volumio several times on RPI (zero + rp2 + rpi3).
Now I want to install it for a girlfriend on an IBOOK G3, because the IBOOK looks like the girl pretty good and is also in a good shape :slight_smile:

But before I scratch the harddrive, start the installation an run into problems, I would like to ask the EXPERTS if this is possible.
The IBOOK G3 have an 700 MhZ processor, 384 MB SDRAM, an HD with 18 GB, a CD-ROM and video ATI RageM7 with 16 MB.


just flash the image, boot from it and check if everything is working. If it is you can write it to the internal HDD/SSD

Unfortunately no, Volumio does not exist for PowerPC processors