Is Creative X-fi Surround 5,1 Pro fully compatible?

only yesterday I put together my first Pi2 setup with Volumio, I use it primarily to stream music from NAS. I could get it all (2.1) running using jack on Pi, I was hoping to use my old USB sound card Xfi Surround 5.1 Pro though. After bit of tinkering I was able to make it play 2.1 as well but I have no idea how to get 4.1 I need out of it. I tried to exercise some Google-fu but being totally fresh in this whole Linux business I got hopelessly lost very fast.
Any advice, please?

Did I break some rule by posting this question? Did I miss an obvious answer while browsing the forum? Did nobody encounter the same issue? Or is it just because I admitted I don’t understand Linux whatsoever? :slight_smile:
As my Stone Age Cambridge Soundworks speaker system uses two jacks (front, rear) for input only, I can’t try a different means of connecting (DACs I have seen so far have either two RCAs or SPDIF connector), so I don’t even know whether it’s software, hardware or connection issue. Or do I miss something obvious like setting up Volumio properly?

googleing a bit and i noticed that there is no Linux support from creative, they made the driver open source for the community to do what they coudnt in two years.

Before it became open source it didnt even have ALSA support and the only platform it worked on was x64 and your R-Pi isnt. And i spotted a post over at ubuntu’s forum saying pulse audio worked better for him.

Take a look in this forum, it looks like they got it working on ubuntu you might learn something from it.