IR remote plugin not responding to remote keypresses (A1294)

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.852
Hardware: PiZero W
DAC:JustBoom DAC Zero

I enabled the plugin, set the remote model and clicked save, but even after a reboot volumio doesn’t respond to it at all. " mode2 -d /dev/lirc0" gives output so the sensor and remote do both seem to work. I’m not sure what the next step in troubleshooting should be so I’d appreciate any ideas!

EDIT: Forgot to add, the plugin is version 1.2.4, installed from the volumio web interface. I tried the remote on webradio and Spotify since I don’t have any local files and those two are my primary use

Possibly this might help.

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It didn’t work for some reason, but I recorded my own configuration and copied it and that seems to work. Thank you for the help!
Also, could you please point me to the folder in which the commands for the keypresses are, I’d like to edit them but I’m new to raspberry pi as a platform and don’t really know my way around yet.

The file is named lircrc. You find it next to lircd.conf, i.e. for the Apple A1294 in /data/plugins/accessory/ir_controller/configurations/Apple Remote A1294/.

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Sorry to bother you again, I think I’m doing something wrong… again. When I try to ls /data/plugins/accessory/ir_controller/configurations/Apple Remote A1294/

I get ls: cannot access A1294/: Not a directory

and sudo nano /data/plugins/accessory/ir_controller/configurations/Apple Remote A1294/
opens an emty file, ctrl+x opens lircd.conf, when pressed again the empty file again and then exits back to console.

Quoting is needed because the path contains blanks. Use ls "/data/plugins/accessory/ir_controller/configurations/Apple Remote A1294"

“Apple Remote A1294” is a folder you can’t open with nano :wink:

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Thank you!
It’s been years since I last touched programming and it’s showing :upside_down_face: It all works perfectly now!

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