IR Remote Controller Plugin (USB)

Is there a way to control Volumio via an IR remote control that is connected via a USB receiver or is it only possible via GPIO? I have the usual small “FM4 / V1446” remote control and so far I can only control the volume quieter / louder, but no other functions. What is wrong?
My configuration: RaspBerry Pi 3B +, Allo Boss DAC, Volumio 2.8.73, IR Remote Controller 1.4.1
Thanks for any help

This is not an IR (infrared) but a radio (2.4GHz) remote control. It is not supported by the IR Controller plugin.

Usb remote control is handled by “triggerhappy”.

You can find the default triggerhappy configuration for Volumio in /etc/triggerhappy/triggers.d/audio.conf.

The thd (trigger happy daemon) man page (google) explains how you can dump the keys that your remote generates, and with this information you can extend audio.conf (look up the available volumio web api commands, and call them using curl).

I have a Smartipi touchscreen display with Raspberry Pi 4. i have Volumio on the player, so, is there any usb remote controls that will plug into the Pi 4 and work the Volumio player.

i think there is not a out of the box working option you have to create it for your own remote.

There is the ir remote control plug in that was sponsored by justboom so their remote works out of the box. [PLUGIN] IR Remote Controller feedback thread

@MobeyDuck he has a rf not a ir remote…

I use this rf remote.


and for the other streamer this infared module.

would the Flirc usb work

It should work with any ir remote, I use an ancient Sony and a recent Marantz remote with the Flirc.