IQaudio DAC Volumio Cigar Box

Hi I have recently bought IQAudio Pi-Dac and got it to work successfully with Volumio on my windows mobile phone (install MPDi from the windows app store if anyone is doing the same), I also got the volume up/down to work on my phone too.

It all works very well and sounds great (although its plugged into my B & O Beocentre so it better do!). It’s even packaged nicely in an old cigar box, and I’ve added an on/off switch, a 500GB HDD and 12V power supply, and a separate front mounted USB port to add flash drives with new music etc… It also has Wi-Pi dongle, but for the life of me I couldn’t get it to work despite following a million different fixes on these boards. In the end I just hard-wired a Ethernet cable to the pi and router (the Pi lives near the router anyway, so no problem)

The only thing I wished would work with Volumio is Spotify, I know Michelangelo is working on this but it will be awesome when that’s included.
In the mean-time I’m thinking about using Pi-Music Box, just because I know it works with Spotify and my external 500GB hard-drive, the question is will Pi-Music Box support the IQAudio Pi Dac?

Cool project.

PiMusicBox and IQaudIO Pi-DAC.

  • the maintainer has a Pi-DAC but haven’t heard from in a while.
  • Give it a go and let me know then we can look to solve any integration issues.

What would be nice is to see Deezer or Spotify or similar integrated into Volumio. Any takers?