IQaudIO DAC Pro on Pi3B+ no sound

Hello Everone,
I have just put together my first streamer and it seems like it is not working properly. The install was straight forward, but it seems I have some knowledge wholes, if it comes to configuration.
When I select IQaudio Pi-DigiAMP+ (according to IQaudIO guide - perhaps outdated?) my Tidal streams only at 16-bit@44.1KHz and Tidal settings are set to “Highest Possible”. However, when I set the output to IQaudIO DAC Plus I don’t get the sound at all. It is so confusing, because I do get the sound from the settings that I don’t have the hardware for (AMP hat), but I don’t get any sound from the closest match device DAC Plus.
Do you have any idea how to set this up?
Thank You