iphone with ios 10 not connecting


today i installed volumio 2.
i can connect without problems from itunes on macos 10.11 but my iphone5 with ios 10 is not finding the player.

any ideas?



Guess, I am having the same problem. Cannot see Volumio Airplay from Iphone with latest IOS 10.1.1

I am using Cubox-i2eX with version 2.029 with USB-DAC. Generally this version is working fine.

well… I have this working now, although I am not quite sure, what exactly caused the problem initially.

Hidden in advanced settings of my router I noticed the option “WLAN Multicast To Unicast” which originally was set to “YES”. Thinking, that this might be the root of the problem, I set it to “NO” and checked on my IPhone. From that point onwards, I have always been able to see the Volumio Airplay-Receiver, even after reverting back to the original WLAN-setting and changing the IP-address for testing, restarting everything, and so on. I cannot reproduce the problem anymore. It just works.

Maybe this can still be helpful for someone experiencing similar problems. As far as I could gather, Airplay requires network multicast for device-discovery, so playing with relevant settings in your network might help.

The router model I use is the Pirelli modem from Austrian provider A1.