iPhone > Pi2 + Volumio > ToppingVX1 USB amp ?

I would like to know if this setup is feasible?

iPhone --[wireless]–> Raspberry Pi 2 running Volumio --[USB]–> Topping VX1 amp (with integrated USB DAC)

The Topping VX1 has a USB type B input connector.

I have the Topping XVI, currently connected to my laptop, and I would like to add the Raspberry Pi 2 running Volumio to make a stand alone stereo without the need for the laptop.

According to the Topping VX1 specs, it has:
DAC: USB Controller by Burr-Brown PCM2704
Tripaths TA2024B chipset

I am a newbie, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum.

Edit: I found this post: https://volumio.org/forum/topping-vx1-with-integrated-dac-pops-clicks-t1304.html#p15070
which indicates that the Topping VX1 is compatible with Raspberry Pi + Volumio, at least one version.

I’m using the Topping VX1 with Volumio on a Raspberry Pi! Just plug the VX1 into the Pi using the same sort of USB cable as a printer (called an A to B cable). Works fine, but no hardware mixer controls unfortunately.

Thank you decryption! I’ve ordered the Pi 2 and am looking forward to trying it out. I love the Topping VX1, so the Pi2 + volumio + Topping VX1 should be a very inexpensive and great sounding music player.

And I’m glad you didn’t have to re-write the kernel or anything to get it to work!


I use to Topping DAC+Amp, and I’m wondering wich one to buy for my new low budget setup…


Are you sure for volume control as my old TP30 and newer TP30 Mark 2, are both volume controllable via volumio GUI…

Is it a VX1 feature problem, or a driver problem with volumio ?