iPhone connects to airplay, but no sound comes out


Today i set up volumio on a Raspberry PI 2 with a hifiberry DAC+. I’m using it now, solely, as an airplay speaker. I can get sound to play from my computer without a problem, but cannot do the same for my iPhone 6. It connects to Airplay, and shows it as working, but no sound comes out of the speakers. When I switch over to the computer, it works perfectly again.

Has anyone else experienced this or know what the issue is? I’ve seen similar posts on here about airplay connectivity issues, but they seem to have a problem actuallys seeing or connecting to volumio through airplay. This is not an issue for me, I just can’t get sound to come out.

Thank you!

I’ve got an iPhone 6 and an iPad 4th gen both running the latest iOS 10 and have been airplaying audio to my Volumio build flawlessly running on original RPi B (no DAC atm unfortunately).

What application are you trying to use to play the media? Just Music or are you using 3rd party app?