iPhone APP does not find volumio on raspberry

Hello my name is Sandro, I am using Volumio on raspberry driving it by iPhone but from one day to another the app on iphone does not find my raspberry on the same network even if I configure the raspberry IP address … by browsing all is ok, it is just an app problem … anyone has got the same issue?

I use an iPhone and iPad with the app, as well as multiple computers with a browser, I’ve not experienced what you are getting.
Have you tried power-cycling your router and/or wireless access point?
I’m wondering if the DHCP pool is having an issue, or perhaps the ARP table.
It’d also be worth restarting your phone.

Thank you for your reply.
I Suppose the same, but even after the router restart the problem still present!!! No connection using iPhone APP …

Than in the table of my router connection volumio appear whit address and than even if I try to set this address manually on the iPhone App the only result is “No device found on your network” :frowning:

Are the R Pi and phone both on the same band of your Wi-Fi?
You don’t have one on 5GHz and one on 2.4GHz for example?

We just updated the iOS app and improved network and static IP address retrieval. Are you still having issues?

Hi. I’m also (still) having this problem. I downloaded the latest version of the app from the IOS store this morning. There are three scenarios I tried:

  1. wireless only enabled in Volumio (RPI 4, vers 2.873): IOS app connects
  2. wired only: no connection from IOS app
  3. both wired and wireless enbabled: no connection from IOS app

I’ve tried rebooting everything: iPhone, RPI, router. It seems as if the IOS app doesn’t like the RPI connected via ethernet??

When I have both wired and wireless enabled on the RPI, it appears that the wired connection takes priority, which is good (I want a wired connection for my Volumio); I can see this by resolving “volumio.local” which resolves to the IP of the wired interface.

I can access via webpage no problem in any configuration on the iPhone.