iOS client bug - white screen after swapping apps

Hi guys, as already suggested previously, it would be great if you could open source the iOS client since you’ve abandoned its development.

I see the new version was released yesterday. Yay! My iPhone auto-updated to the new version. Unfortunately it finds only 1 of my 4 Volumio devices. Boo. My iPad has not yet updated to the new app version so is still on the prior version. It finds & can access all four.


  1. How does one manually add an instance by IP as was possible in the prior version via the settings screen?
  2. The “Configure New Device” button in the new version appears to be for setting up a new hardware instance. How does one exit this screen without having to force-quit and relaunch the app?

And the white screen problem remains

Re your questions:

  1. You can scroll and you’ll see all your devices
  2. We removed the ability to add a single IP
  3. Thanks, there’s no back button on iOS, we’ll add it.

Then, can you name some occasions where you have the white screen? We can’t replicate from your description (changing device). Thanks

  1. Only one of my devices is found. The other three do not appear in the app
  2. Please put the ability to add IPs back, as that is the only workaround I know of for item 1
  3. Yes please add the back button

I’ve had the white screen problem exactly once with the new version. It happened just as in the past. I’d been away from the app for some number of hours, opened it, and got only a white screen.



Got the white screen again today.

Awful quiet in here…

I believe it’s been addressed in the current beta.

Italy is basically on holiday for most of August :wink:

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Just opened the latest version of the app on the iOS 16 release candidate only to be greeted again with the dreaded WSOD (white screen of death)…

If you have a white screen, swipe right so you can choose the device. Then choose the device and the app will draw. the UI. Hope this tip helps a little.

That’s the only bug I’m suffering at the moment. Otherwise the app works.
iPhone SE 2, iOS 15.6.1 and Volumio app 1.3

I’ll try that next time I see the WSoD, but since the app can find only one of my four Volumio instances I’ve given up trying to use it.

Hasn’t happened to me since updating to the new Volumio betas (3.377 and 3.378)