IOS App - device not found

I downloaded ios app from Apple Store but it does not find volumio server. Both are on the same lan.
My ipad is ios 11.3
I cannot introduce any ip address because I don’t find any option to do that.
I will appreciate any help.

Rhave you made sure your iPhone WiFi is the same as the pi HiFi?

I am not using a PI but Sparky and this is connected to LAN by ethernet cable, not wifi.
From the Ipad I can reach Volumio thru the webgui ( chrome ) with no problem at all. However, the app does not find any device.
I have uninstalled the app and re-installed with no luck. And I have also disconnected the router and reconnect with no effect.

Perhaps is not possible to use the app when volumio is phisically wired thru ethernet? If this is the case, it should be indicated !
I installed the app in a Iphone and the result is the same: device not found.

No one? :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

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We’re about to update the iOS app very very soon, in a way that will solve your issue

I am in the same situation. Please tell us, when it is ready. Thanks

Thank you for the answer.

We’re at the final testing stage while we speak. No specific ETA, but it’s very close

Now it is working already. Thanks for repair

Still it´s not working for me.
“Device not found”

Michaelangelo … Got a problem.

I was running a RPi 3B with a Generic IS2 DAC on WiFi using a USB Flash Drive for the music. For a visual terminal, I was using a Nexus 7 (Android 6.0) with Volumio 2.1 downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. Everything sounded very nice and easy to use until my Micro-SD Card somehow got corrupted.

I turned off WiFi on the Nexus and un-installed Volumio 2.1 from the Nexus and powered down.

I re-flashed the SD Card with 2.389 on a Windows 7 PC and then made sure that the re-flashed content was as it should be thru the Admin Tools of the Control Panel.

Rebooted the RPi 3B and got the RED and Flashing Green LEDs as I have before, and waited about 10-15 minutes for the boot to complete and the Green LED to go off.

Powered up the Nexus, made sure there was no Volumio AP and tuned turned WiFi ON.
Went to the Play Store and installed Volumio which was your updated version … 2.5 or 2.6.

Went thru the standard setup stuff with the wizard, then powered down the RPi and the Nexus.

Powered the RPi UP, waited 10 minutes, powered up the Nexus, went thru the standard start procedure and Volumio SAYS CANT FIND THE DEVICE???


Shut down the RPI, uninstalled the Volumio AP and made sure there was no icon and there was no AP installed, then re-flashed the SD Card.
Booted UP the RPI and waited the 10+ minutes.
Booted UP the Nexus and found that Volumio was PRESENT and ACTIVE with the WiFi Hot Spot???

Powered off the RPi and did a Factory RESET of the NEXUS, treating it as a Brand New Device without any Backup Data or APs.

Then I powered up the RPi, waited 10 minutes and POWERED UP THE NEXUS. Volumio was PRESENT and ACTIVE with WiFi Hot Spot, but with no ICON???