iOS app, bugs with ui and soundcloud

I’m experiencing some instability in the app.
Most of the time after choosing a track, coming back to the app it says white. And need to restart the app (music keeps playing).
The SoundCloud ui is messed up.

Is there a update coming up?

I’m using a iPhone 12, latest iOS.
With volumio 3.

Hello @Martijnvm
This is to do with differences in the way Manifest ui is coded. The plugin author @patrickkfkan has made a beta version of the app which works around this.

  • Uninstall the current version of the plugin
  • Reboot
  • Go to the /dev screen and select plugin test mode
  • Go back to plugins, find the Soundcloud plugin and select Details
  • Install the latest beta version 0.1.4

Thanks for the answer. The UI is still messed up after searching sadly.

It shouldn’t mess up with 0.1.4. Did you reboot your Volumio device?

Thanks! That worked!