Introduction from T-RIF

Good day,

My two cents of introduction.

I am music lover for my entire life and it all started with radio, vinyl, real to real, cassette tapes and finally CD. This was enough for a very long time and there was no urge to make the step to streaming. But then I ran into an IFi micro dac, and had my first experience listening to flac files via this dac.

Surprised about the quality I started my journey in discovering streaming audio.

At the moment I have a Volumio install running on a Raspberry Pi with the IFi micro dac that is connected to a Dynavox VR-307 and some old Warfedale Diamond III speakers, and I know it is budget and I need to do some upgrades but I am really enjoying this setup. My first step will be some extra power to push these inefficient ‘Diamonds’

The music that I listen is made available via a nfs network share, Qobuz and the web radio option. I tried to enable the YouTube plugin multiple times but that isn’t working for me, fault after fault after fault.

All the best.