Introducing the Audio 359 Set One

Introducing the Audio 359 Set One

A complete, high quality music playback system that can handle all your digital music.

Alt-Hoeselt, Belgium - April 15, 2015 - Audio 359, a boutique web shop, is delighted to announce its first product. The Audio 359 Set One is a complete, high quality music playback system that can handle all your digital music. It consists of 3 components: a pair of active, compact monitor style speakers, matching stands and an autonomous player/streamer with dedicated high resolution DAC.

We combine AudioEngine’s top of the line A5+ Premium Powered Speakers and NorStone Design’s Stylum 3 Stands. The Audio 359 player/streamer is based on open hardware and open software, carefully constructed out of perfectly matching components, fully assembled, configured and tested for a true plug & play experience. It works together with all your existing devices, computers, tablets and smartphones, playing music stored on them or streamed through them. The player also operates fully autonomous, playing the music stored locally on its 64 Gb USB stick, or streaming network streams directly. Using HiFiBerry’s DAC+ it can play back HD Audio up to 192 kHz / 24 bit resolution. The unit runs the Volumio dedicated & customised OS.

The result is audiophile sound with natural bass and real stereo - digital convenience with full remote control of a complete & autonomous system.

Sit down & listen.

Pricing & Availability:

The Audio 359 Set One is available from today at EUR 699,- for black or white speakers or EUR 759,- for bamboo speakers, at our online store. The player/streamer alone costs EUR 169,-. We ship to all European countries.

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Sven Van Caekenberghe -

Looks really nice and I would love the hear how it sounds sometime/somewhere :slight_smile: Any demo’s/shows upcoming in the Netherlands?

Can you show some pictures from the rear showing the cabling between speakers and the player? Did you think about/consider mounting the player somehow/somewhere on the speaker stand instead of on the top of the speaker? And use a non-transparant player case?

Great to see how Volumio plays a role in commercial solutions.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your kind words and your interest.

Yes we are planning demo’s in the future, including at least one in the lower part of the Netherlands, but nothing definitive yet.

The player/streamer is not mounted on top of the speaker, just placed on it. You can place it anywhere.

Cables. There is just one 3.5 mm audio cable between the player/streamer and the speaker and there is a USB power cable. I usually twist the USB power cable with the power cable of the speaker for a neater effect. The speaker cable, connecting the powered left speaker to the passive right speaker can be passed through the stands if you want.

I am building out our social media accounts and will add more pictures over time.

Color. I actually did build a black case as an experiment, but the transparent one is way better - the idea is, since you can see parts of the electronics anyway, just show it all. Even though some people think the black case is cool too, they always end up falling for the transparent one.

Now, seeing your setup description in your footer, I think what you have now has more or less the same audio quality as what the Audio 359 Set offers, taste being a factor too, but I think you paid more.

IMO, the local playback capability combined with optional streaming is key in quality and day to day comfort.