Introduce Your Volumio Setup

Figured we should have something like this…where forum members can talk about their setup. Would be interested to hear what other users have. I will start with my budget setup:

[Old external drive connected to USB & USB drive ] => [Volumio 2.041 / Raspberry Pi 2] => [HifiBerry DAC+ Pro] => [Marantz SR5500 - bought used off Craigslist] => [B&W 601 S2 - also bought used off Craigslist]

May not be the best but sounds good enough for me.

This is mine:
Rpi3, Allo Kali, Allo Dac 2.1 connected wireless to a OMV Odroid c2 Nas
Little Bear P1 modded with Nos Philips tube
Kingrex with upgraded psu
Allo Volt plus (working progress)
Speaker Cables:
Tnt triple T (diy) and soon Qed…
Signal cables:
Wireworld Luna 7
Q Acoustic Q3050

Here is mine:

  • storage: 2x 500Gb 3,5" hdd in dual USB enclosure with JBOD configuration (each unit is mounted separately), power managed with hdparm (which spins off drives after set timeout)
  • source: rPi B+, Volumio v2.114
  • USB transport: Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100, also used to channel TV audio out to alternative (better) chain
  • amps, cables & speakers: 20 years old radio/CD/tape player I had already at home, with multiple AUX INs and OUTs :slight_smile:
  • remotes: Volumio WebUI and Audioward (Android apps), Web browser frontend

Also I plan to add a Transmission torrent client and a Calibre server to the setup

Here is my setup:

WDMyCloudMirror NAS
Asus Tinker Board USB output
OPPO BDP-105 USB DAC input
Onkyo Integra P-304 Pre Amp
McCormack DNA-125 Amp
Vandersteen Model 2Ce Speakers

Volumio gives me an addition way to access the music stored on my NAS. And I get to play with a single board computer. The iphone app supplied by OPPO has been quite disappointing.

Here is mine:

OFFICE: USB MP3’s -> Rpi2 -> 3R Renaissance USB Reclocker -> Elac EA101EQ-G -> ELAC FS78
Living Room: OMV (OdroidC1+) -> Rpi3, Kali Reclocker(ifi iPower), Mamboberry LS DAC+ -> Marantz PM6003 -> ELAC FS78
Bed Room: OMV (OdroidC1+) -> Rpi3, Allo Boss(ifi iPower), allo VOLT AMP -> CANTON plus S,C
Mobile: USB MP3’s -> Rpi3, Mamboberry LS DAC+(Varta Powerbank) -> BOSE Soundlink III

… with latest volumio

[Mamboberry LS DAC+|Piano DAC 2.1|Piano DAC|JustBoom DAC HAT|Kali Reclocker|Hifi Shield|Hifi Shield 2|IQaudIO Pi-DAC +|DIAL-DAC|BOSS]
[Marantz PM6003|JustBoom AMP|allo VOLT AMP|IQaudIO Pi-AMP+|Elac EA101EQ-G|ifi iPower|3R Renaissance USB Reclocker]
[ELAC FS78|BOSE Soundlink III|CANTON plus S,C|Arcus TS45]