internet radio stations disappeard

hello everyone

i am using volumio as a web radio player

everything seems to work ok but as i know that volumio uses tune in to play music i saw that some radio stations disappeard from volumio list and continiues playing from tune in

like works in tune in but dissapeard from volumio and i cant find it even if i use the search

in addition some radiostation that works in tune in like this one … r-s208277/ it appears in volumio but does not play (fail to decode error appears)

is it possible to update the radio player somehow ? i am running the latest version of volumio

does anyone face the same problem ?
thanks in advance

As i find with many hours of researching volumio uses this ( platfom for the webradio , in this platform the stations that i mention previus dissapeard too , so this is why volumio stations does not exist anymore

i import the stations manualy with “my web radios” but i can’t get the station icon… can i do something for this ?

in addition does anyone know where the webradio json file is , to modify this and get my radio stations from other providers like live24 or shoutcast or so

thanks in advance