Internet Radio Sources - Hard to find stations

I am sure it must just be me, but I am finding it hard to locate various radio stations in the various search categories. I have had to resort to manually adding stations that I want.

For example I do not appear to be able to find “BBC Radio 4 Extra” in any of the various categories.
I would have expected to find it in “Europe”-“Great Britain” - “National Networks” - “BBC”
But the contents of that category looks very limited.

Am I looking in the wrong place or is there a problem with the curating of the radio station lists?

Also I find it frustrating trying to remember my browsing path, as sometimes the BACK button does not always take me back one level, sometimes it appears to take me right back to the home point. It would be nice if there were an option display the current navigation path at the top of the listing.

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Sorry I just noticed that I posted this (and another post) in the wrong section, It should be in the general help not the MyVolumio section. Is it possible to move the post (and my other post) from the MyVolumio section into the general Help section. Though I think the posts are still relevant to both sections, as I suspect they are highlighting potential bugs.

just enter bbc in the search field and you’ll get :

Strange, your screen shot shows “Radio Internet”, I do not have that as a source, my sources that are shown at start of Browse are “Favorites”, “Music Library”, “Media Servers” and “Web Radio”.

If I select “Browse” then search for “bbc” (any case) I do get a list of various BBC stations, but they all look like regional/local stations, none of the national stations (BBC 1,2,3,4 etc).

Do I need to install some extra plugin to get the missing stations, or is it something to do with language selection as you do not appear to be using “English” for you GUI language.

Or is it because I do not have a MyVolumio account?

So is anyone else able to find the main national BBC stations when searching for BBC,or do other users only find LOCAL BBC stations and none of the National stations (1,2,3,4, 4Extra).


Just check under Sources—> Sources Visibilty that “Web radiostations” is set to “On”

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you are right. Search for web radio does not return radio station as expected.
It should be solved in a future update.
The result will be like that : Screenshot_2020-03-02 Volumio - Audiophile Music Player.png
Screenshot_2020-03-02 Volumio - Audiophile Music Player(1).jpg

Good to hear that the bug is confirmed and will be fixed.

Just updated RaspPi ZeroW to version 2.714.

Still find that unable to find main BBC stations. Switched “User Interface Design” display to “Classic”.
Select BROWSE then enter “bbc radio” in search and wait for results (do not press enter).

Returned list is still titled “Web Radio” and has a number of BBC stations, but all look local, not national.

I assume that this issue was not fixed in 2.714, and that the “revision history” fix for searches was related to some other issue.

I still do not know where the search results screenshot showing “Radio Internet” gets that title from, I can find no SOURCE that is “Radio Internet” the only source that I can find (and have enabled) is titled “Web Radio”.

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Radio Internet = web radio when Ui language is set to French…
What are “national” BBC radio?

By national I am referring to:

BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 Extra

None of these show up when I search for “bbc” from the “Browse” home page, I get 24 BBC stations (most are local, a few are world service).

The search result returns 24 stations, the following are the first few in the list:
“BBC World Service UK”, “BBC WM”, “BBC Essex”, “BBC Sussex”, “BBC Tees”, “BBC Surrey”, “BBC World Service News” …

ending with … “BBC Radio Lancashire”

A total of 24 results are listed, but no option to “page down” or view more.

If I switch language to “Francais”, then the same search returns a list of 25 results, still none of the national stations.

All the results start with “BBC” except for two : “WRVO3” and “WUKY-HD3”, which do not appear to be from the BBC, nor do they appear to contain “bbc” in any text I can see, so not sure why they are listed.

After switching language back to English, the search results change again, now I get 37 results. Again most have “BBC” in the listed title, but now there are a number of extra results on the end of the list, most have the letters “bbc” somewhere in their title, some are actual BBC stations others are non BBC but are found because their title contains “bbc”, but it is strange that the results list has changed as a result of switching from “English” to “French” then back to “English”.

NOTE: when I switched language, in each case I just selected “SAVE” and did not do a power cycle/reboot.

These observations were for version 2.714 running on a Raspberry Pi ZeroW. So has limited RAM not sure if that could impact search results if some form of dataset limitations are set based on available RAM.

Changing the language does not affect the search behaviour…
Search with BBC gives this result (just the first page in the screenshot: Screenshot_2020-03-04-13-40-47-881_com.brave.browser.jpg

Strange, this is not what I am getting.
Changing language did impact on the search results, I get completely different results to yours.

You appear to be using a mobile phone, but I assume you are just using a browser.
I am using a laptop with Firefox.
Using the English (UK) language, so I presume that will not cause character set issues with the search text.

This is a Firefox screen capture of what I get: