Interface Questions

I have a few questions:

  • It seems that I can only play files from the hard drive I have attached after they have been added to the playlist. Is that correct?

  • I can’t find a way to select a folder full of files and play the whole bunch. The “Browse” window shows the files and folders, but when I click on a folder, it doesn’t select, but just opens the list inside. Can’t select and play more than a file at a time. How do I play an album?

  • Ideally I would like to select a bunch of things and shuffle. Actually, would love to shuffle a 1.5tb drive, but have seen elsewhere that it is impossible to shuffle a whole disk. Is that right? Seems like a major limitation–actually enough to drive to a different platform.

  • Looking at the “Playback” window, when I attempt to play a file the green circle on the left appears to fill in, but the numbers with it do not change from 00:00 and whatever the track length is, so I’m wondering if the file is actually playing. If the numbers don’t change when playing, then what are they there for, anyway.

  • I’m not getting any sound from the i2s DAC (eBay/Sellars 9018), so I’m wondering if the file is playing or not.

Really would like to get this thing into a useful state. Appreciate any thoughts on this.


Some answers

  • Yes you have to add to the playlist to play a file or simply click on add and play (right side of the screen) to play it immediatly

  • To select a folder, click on it a the right of the screen (as for a file) and select add and play…

  • No sure for a limitation, but if you select as explain previously, you can play all the file in a random order by slecting shuffle (works with 3000 files)

  • It is strange that the display is not updated… Which web browser do you use ? Which kind of file are you playing?

  • For your dac, up to now, nobody reports using it… So can’t say how it could work with volumio. But search the forum for 9018 dac, there is several tread and maybe it could help.

Thanks for your help. I’m still trying to understand how this works.

I can see how to add files to the playlist, but it appears that it just makes a big list of individual songs without the files and folders of artists and albums. Is that correct, Or am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding somehow. With well over a terabyte of music, that’s just not practical. And there is a 3000 song limit? Is that for the shuffle, or total ability to index?

I just tried again, and the green progress circle moves, but the timing doesn’t change when playing. If I stop and start, the numbers change to reflect the position at the time of the restart, but not during playback. Seems kind of strange.

I’m playing (or trying to) WAV files from a 500gb USB portable hard drive just for testing, but ultimately will plug in a 2 tb drive.

Oh, and sorry, it’s a 9023 Dac, not a 9018. One of the “sellarz” from eBay

One more question. On the right hand side of the playback screen, there is a volume control. I can see that you can change the volume by moving around the circle. But what are the little symbols below that show speakers? It’s not obvious to me, and they don’t seem to affect the volume or anything else I can see.