Integration of Audiophonics DACs


Is there any chance to add Audiophonics cards such as the Sabre 9028 or 9038 to the compatible DAC list of Volumio, so that one can use the hardware volume?
Is there a loss in sound quality when I use the generic PI DAC with software volume?



Native support of this DACs is my dream. I own 9038q2m. Is very annoying install a plugin every time when volumio release new version. michelangelo can helps, I think is not hard job. You must build kernel module for controll this DACs. Source code is on github. But I don’t know if michelangelo can add support without permission of the Audiophonics company. I asked Audiophonics support several times, but without success. Reply was: “we’re working on it”. Maybe try ask too.

Audiophonics needs to get driver support into the generic RPI kernel.
This is not easy and takes time, but it is the only way that will work on the long term.
I’m sure they mean it when they say they “working on it”, just keep asking them.

We have successfully integrated our ES90x8Q2M driver in the kernel for the Asus Tinkerboards.
This was a lot easier because Asus happens to maintain its own kernel (4.4.y)

Can i get lin to it drivers or image ?

Other vendors have successfully integrated their drivers in Volumio (or by having them in the PI kernel or getting in touch with us to make it happen). Audiophonics did neither of the two :wink:

Hope things get sorted out. I’m owner of Audiophonics RaspDAC Mini and would like to use Myvolumio service. Unfortunately their latest custom image which support RaspDAC mini is 2.457.

Latest Audiophonic DAC compatible Volumio with MyVolumio support available here: … image.html

Also I’m now proud member of MyVolumio :wink: