Installing Volumio on a Netbook

I am trying to install the latest Volumio on an old Netbook (Oivetti Olibook M1025).
The boot from USB went fine and Volumio started perfectly. Web interface is functional from other computers. On the netbook itself, on the screen I can only see a command prompt and not the user interface. I seem to remember that on laptop the user interace should be shown locally.
Any hint?
Thank you

Are you booting from the internal HDD/SDD or from a SD?

It’s seems he’s booting from USB and not a internal drive and i guess it’s a x86 volumio version.

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yep, with x86 image there is setting to use the internal display. Not sure if that operates from USB, hence my question.

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Ok, I will try to install to the internal drive and post here the result

Done. Install went fine. Volumio is up and running but on the netbook screen I can only see

Debian GNU/Linux 10 volumio tty
Welcome to Volumio!
WebUI available at volumio.local (
volumio login:

Where am I supposed to see the setting to use the internal display?

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i believe it is in system menu

Thank you. In the system menu the entries are only general settings, video out (only hdmi is listed), system updates.
Is it confirmed that this setting is available in Volumio 3?


Can you advice, as I don’t want to play around with my hardware.

Simple, I left.

Just this time before switching off email notification: there is no setting for the UI on x86, anywhere. When the UI does not appear, then the graphics card is not supported. Before asking: no, I will not have an update for it. X86 support remains as-is.


when Volumio 3 was released also I resolved if it could be installed on a x86 laptop (IBM T41 in my case). I learned that Volumio 3 does not have support for x86 computers and will not have in the future. Consequently I abandoned the idea to update from Volumio 2 to Volumio 2 on my old laptop and have continued use of the latest release of Volumio 2. In general it works fine, local UI, remote UI and internal HDD are available. However WLAN connection of the laptop does not work wit Volumio (worked in the original use of the laptop with Lubuntu), only wired LAN. In addition the support of Volumio 2 has expired, but for the time being it is not a problem.

Where have you seen volumio 3 does not support X86? :thinking:
Go on download page… V 3.233

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it does not support 32bit, only 64bit

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On my side I am happily running Volumio 3 on a minimal thin client (Fujitsu Futro) without any problem. Install on my old netbook went also fine (with the exception of the diplay not active).

Cominq to the display issue, since Volumio in on top of Debian, if the Xorg is configured to run the graphic card, would Volumio be able to use the display?


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i think you have here your answer.

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