Install Volumio to Internal Hard Drive

Yes, you are right, we’re still learning from the enormous variety of devices we can have on x86.
I started with a simple setup covering most devices I knew (which is not an excuse, just sating a fact)
Of course as the number of downloads grew, we had more options to cover. We haven’t got them all, that is why your feedback is very very welcome.
There is a new test version (not an RC yet), which I will send to people experiencing this problem (like Rob),.
In case you would like to experiment with this also then please let me know.
We can use any x86 knowhow we can get, so if you can help, also let us know that as well…

you have a PM, let me know how it went…

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Yes, please send me link for a download. Thx!

i sent a PM…

same here. where can I download fixed version?

Sorry, we have not produced/ published a new version yet.
The mentioned one was on a private server and only for confirmation purposes.

I used a usb to sata cable, attached a SSD harddisk, installed the image on it, replaced my hdd with this SSD and installed it…
works perfect.

I am hoping to get a final release soon…I like what I see, but there is still some fine tuning to do…:slight_smile:

IMG_1327.JPGI’m trying to boot x86 from internal HDD of my intel Atom 270 1.66Mhz mini PC, it stocks at this point every time, is there a solution?

Can you try to boot with UEFI instead of legacy BIOS?

I’m not sure where this image comes from, this is a debug version.
Where did you download it from?

Just type ‘exit’ at the prompt and you should be OK for now.

No looking at the start of your screen shot it is not.
You were booting from usb correctly and followed the instructions to dd the image to the hdd?

When I’m turning on PC with USB flash, after shutting down with volumio, it stokes as at screenshot point.
When I’m doing hard shutdown with power button then turning on it works.
After dd image copy, as you instructed, when booting with hdd nothing happens, just blinking cursor.
On my previous post I try to extract x86 image on hdd then inserted it on PC, also doesn’t work.

I downloaded it at volumios download page:
Is it not the current version?

Yes, this is the current version, the next one will have some improvements regarding supported chipsets.
Can you tell me what you are exactly using? Also, at the point where it goes into the busybox shell, could you do

blkid and report back what devices you get?

The PC is Lenovo Q100 with Intel Atom 230 1.6Ghz processor, chipset SiS 672.
I tipped “blkid” at busybox shell and it not recognized that command.

you mean “blkid” as a command did not work???
Can you try “mount” and “lsmod”

Anyway, the necessary modules for the SiS chipset were already added at the same time as I did the changes for @tomcek.
I’m sorry that you have to wait till Volumio is released (soon).
I can’t give you a version, because I have moved on and have an incomplete build at the moment.

IMG_1330.JPGBlkid shows nothing, returning cursor.
mount & lsmod shows as follows:

I hope coming update will solve existing issues.
However, thank you very much for your help.