install volumio on top of raspbian …

Dear folks,

I would love to install volumio (complete, with web interface and e.g. spotify plugin) on top of my already running raspbian jessie system.

I did not find any instructions, so maybe someone could help, please.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately due to the way Volumio has been optimised to best serve it’s function, you will not be able to install it on top of an existing Jessie distribution.

Thank you for your answer! I fear this is related to raspbian, not only jessie? Like, future raspbian releases also won’t allow the user to install volumio? That’s kind of a pity. : )

Volumio is actually a version of Raspbian, and so changes in Raspbian will find their way into future versions of Volumio. You are stuck with installing Volumio first, though this doesn’t stop you installing additional Raspbian packages (if you are careful, and understand their effects).