Install Volumio on Intel NUK I510 - Fail to boot

Hi to all.
I need support for run Volumio on my Intel NUK.
I have follow the install guide, but when i try to boot fron the USB Stick, i have got this error:

"findfs: unable to resolve ‘UUID=xxxxx’
"findfs: unable to resolve ‘UUID=xxxxx’

I have try both BIOS, UEFI and EFI, but the problem persist.
I have remove my SSD, but the problem persist.

Help me. Thanks a lot

Hi seri201, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

I suspect that other people might jump in here to give you more info, but it might be worth you trying the new Volumio 3 beta image currently under test. Have a look at the thread here and feel free to contribute.

The same problem with the latest beta.

Please start with a fully erased USB before flashing.
We have reports of previously flashed units not working otherwise.