Install Volumio on a RPi next to another system like OctoPI

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible install volumio in the same RPi than OctoPI’s installed. Since it’s going to be in the same room, i prefer to have just one hardware for all…

I did some reserch but i can’t find a clue (maybe i did’nt search with the good tags… :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

The Volumio image is a complete OS and Volumio bundle.
You can’t install it alongside another OS, but people have installed other apps alongside Volumio.
But doing so seems to end up with the OTA updater not working and a lot of manual fiddling to get/keep things working.

Thanks a lot for your clear explanation :slightly_smiling_face:, I hoped there was a way.

I’m going to find another solution.