Install volumio on 1TO ssd - rpi4

Hello everybody,

I try to install volumio on an 1to ssd drive for my raspberry pi 4, and it does not work.
Does anybody ever succeed in that…?

Please have a look at the getting-started guide

tl;dr Flash it on a SD card, USB booting is not yet supported.

Booting from SSD attached via a USB to the RPi4 was introduced last year. Indeed I have one doing exactly that, running Debian 10 and Home Assistant.

I just ordered another RPi4 specifically for running Volumio.
Does Volumio support booting from SSD/USB yet?

If not using the standard image from Volumio, then is there a way to install Volumio on a standard Debian 10 install on RPi4?

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The original answer still stands. Volumio is not able to boot from SSD/USB (RPi) currently, but it is under investigation.

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there was a test version (not fully functional) but it’s not faster then the sd version…
tested it with a ssd usb stick sandisk extreme pro 256g

 is there a way to install Volumio on a standard Debian 10 install on RPi4?

no, because volumio is not a software bundle you can install lose but a total reworked OS
with volumio

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Any news ? 2 years is a long long time …

There has not been a commitment that this was going to developed for the Volumio 3 version. Discussing features on the forum is nice and helpful, but they get read and a week later it may all be forgotten and no one is going to follow up on it.
In case you really want to bring a feature to the devs attention, then the best thing you can do is to place a feature request in the Volumio Development section. There is a a thread “Suggest a feature”, this way you would make sure it is at least registered.

Any news as to Volumio boot from SSD/USB on RPi. Strange that it’s such an issue when everyone els has this speed-up working fine.