Inno-Maker AMP HAT

Greetings, New Volumio user here.

I am building a little Raspberry Pi Volumio device in a vintage radio as a Christmas present for my 50s rock loving dad.

I’m progressing well, tested with HDMI and headphone jack no problem.

Problem though when adding the Inno-Maker AMP HAT.
AMP HAT: Inno-Maker Raspberry Pi HiFi AMP HAT 25W Class-D Power Amplifier TAS5713 Expansion Board Audio Module for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Pi Zero Nichicon Capacitor

I have set up the I2C with the HiBerry AMP driver. That is per the manufacturer’s instructions in online manual.

I am receiving an error message on the HDMI video output

[29.672306] Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005)
[49.392281] Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005)

Now, obvious problem you would diagnose is that the power supply is underpowered. However, I have both a new 12V - 5a power supply, and an existing 12V - 5a power supply that’s usually driving my NAS. No, I am not powering the Raspberry Pi’s mini-usb, the Pi is getting power from the HAT.

Now, when I play a song, it seems to play fine, although the volume below level 35 seems like mute. But, 100 is quite a blast; see now that’s an exaggeration because I didn’t even take it above 75 because, wow, yeah it’s quite loud.

Speaker by the way is a brand new 15W (Max 30W) 2 channel 4 ohm dash speaker.

So questions:
a) Is it possible that the HDMI output is what’s driving the need for more power? Obviously eventually I’ll have it be headless; actually it was quite by accident that I had the HDMI plugged in because I was testing the sound through the HDMI (at that time the HAT AMP was not linked to the Pi)

b) I still want to add on a volume control and switch, as well as attach the small light that lights the old am/fm circular display; should I worry about this undervoltage in trying to add on these functions.

c) What are the characteristics or symptoms of the system I might see due to this under voltage?

Thanks for any help

Hi kbridgeman,
welcome on board!

yes, their infomation is confusing. 12V, 12-20V, 12-18V … for the same input :slight_smile:
try a 19V PSU. both DC connectors are same. see manual:

Thanks for the quick reply. Will endeavor to scrounge up yet another PSU. cheers.

A question, should I cut off the 5.5mm barrel and put the 19V into the tie-downs because the DAC-JAC is rated at 12V?

No, no need to cut off the barrel. it is the same input. parallel to the other one. (12-20V)
if you read the manual, you can see it. (page 11)

What do you think of the sound quality from the Inno-Maker Amp Hat? I am considering buying one and they are half the usual price for a hat amp. I am a fan of the hifiberry dac with volumio and if it sounds close to that it would be a smokin deal.

I returned mine after a few days, as I was unhappy with the level of noise produced at the speakers, both at low volume and with no signal input. I tried a couple of different PSU’s with no joy.

I’m a big fan of the IQAudio Pi-DigiAMP+, and I was hoping that the InnoMaker would be a cheaper alternative - not so, unfortunately.

If you’re happy with the Hifiberry DAC consider the Hifiberry Amp2. It uses the same DAC chip.