Inconsistent behavior across several areas

RPi3, Hifiberry DAC, Volumio version 2.041

NOTE: For every issue listed below, I have restarted Volumio in an attempt to resolve the issue. None of the issues are one off and inconsistent behaviors are rather … consistent.

Overall, Volumio is great but I am constantly hitting one problem or the other which is creating frustration. I am listing the issues below to get an idea of whether any of these are known bugs or something the Volumio devs might want to look into. Please let me know if I can be of any help with debugging or reproducing these issues. It may be that fixing the WLAN issue might fix a few of the others, but due to the physical location of the Pi3, a wired network is very hard to setup. I have an Edimax N150 WiFi USB adaptor that I plan to try but I am reluctant since the Pi3 has on-board wifi.

  1. WLAN
    I know this has been reported before, but despite changing the WLAN channel to one that is not in the blacklist, the WiFi connection gets dropped periodically and I have to use the hotspot to get connected again. I did not have this problem with Raspbian installed on the same hardware.

  2. Spotify plugin
    Spotify periodically disappears from the top level list in the Browse tab. If I disable the plugin and reenable it (without changing settings), it starts to work again.

  3. Music library is not persisted
    I built a music library out of an external USB harddrive that has its own dedicated power supply. I disconnected the USB cable from the HDD to the Pi3 before going to sleep because the HDD was spinning even when volumio was idle (no music playing, library already scanned). On reconnect, I lost roughly half the library. This is repeatable. I had the same behavior when the library was built from a windows share.

  4. DLNA
    jRiver picked up Volumio as a renderer and control via jRemote on iOS was a real pleasure. Unfortunately, Volumio is not consistently picked up by jRiver as a renderer. jRiver is a mature DLNA server and I doubt the issue is on its end.

  5. Volume mount ghosting
    I had mounted a windows share and the directories under it were listed under Music Library\NAS. Due to the WLAN issues, I deleted the mount from under Network Drives. The NAS folder still lists a few folders under it and also the tracks in the sub-folders. This is true even after I have physically removed the drive the share is on. Playing one of the tracks fails, of course.

  6. AirPlay
    I am assuming this is enabled by default. Again, my iPhone 6s only sees Volumio as a receiver sporadically.

Thank you.

In case anyone cares, I switched over to Allo Kali + Piano and have had no wifi issues, so it does look like hifiberry dac does not play well with RPi’s built-in wifi module.

Airplay still does not work even though Volumio shows up as a receiver.
UPnP/DLNA is not working at all.
Just enabled Spotify plugin so will see how that goes.