Improvements/Changes/Buttons for Webradio Use

Dear all,

it has been requested several times in the forum to add some extra buttons for webradios.
This has always been rejected.

I would like to suggest a workaround which should not too difficult to implement.
My idea would be to change the function of some of the track management control buttons on the main page
(just below the left timer circle). This is what I mean :

The normal functions of the Track management control buttons
Left : Add to favorite
Middle : Add to playlist
Right : Go to - Artist/Album - Tweeter

I would like to change the above functions to the following functions:
Left : open a volumio URL containing my radio stations as a favourite playback list
Middle : open a volumio URL containing my MP3 collection:
RIght : not needed…

So I could select all I need from the main page without clicking through the entire Volumio Web UI.
Since Volumio UI is also integrated as an iframe in my fhem home automation system this would be great.

I have a very basic knowledge of html e.g. am able to write or edit simple html and css files but the volumio code is by far
to overwhelming for me. Maybe someone here is so kind and can tell me which changes in which files need to be implemented…

Thanks a lot