Improve music collection

Volumio is a great project, I love it. But the way in which it manages the music library is really minimal. It is not possible to list the albums by date added or by bitrate. No way to view the bitrate while browsing the library. No way to create a “smart playlist” of albums aggregating them according to personal criteria and / or tags. And finally, mpd, in a completely random way, decide to reorganize the library and thus erase everything and start again …
Please consider these things in future releases! Thank you!

+1 For display of the bitrate in the library! I would love this feature.

I would also like to see more options for customizing how to view/browse the library.

I still mainly use Foobar 2000 as my audio playing software, basically due to the control the user has to customize everything.

I would be over the moon if the following would be added to Volumio:

Smart playlists like autoplaylists in Foobar, where one could have automatically updated “views” of the library.

More tag control/customization in the player view, and also while browsing the library.
Also, by adding more customization, maybe it would also be possible to include some custom tags?
I understand there may be limits of what is possible based on mpd, but I hope :wink:

Keep up the great work!