Impossible add web radio to my web radio

HI there from Italy!

I use Volumio and I’m very happy with that.

I have a problem with adding url stream of web radios in the tab “My web radio”

RPI 3 B+ with official touchscreen 7’’
I2S DAC Pifi DIgi+ (spdif output) —> amplifier
volumio 2.692
connected via LAN

I can add web radio searching in the main menu and play with that without any problem.
I’m an Hi Fi enthusiastic, so I’m trying to add some web radio that uses FLAC for their programs
So when I try to add manually a web stream radio in “my web radio” tab (Example: no radio is showed and a pop message appeared saying “Error, no result”
I previously tried to access via ssh in a Linux system with the IP of volumio directly in \data\favourites\my-web-radio an add with nano some urls but without any effects.

How can I do?

P.S. there is a way to show the bitrate of a web radio, like with Spotify?

Many thanks


I tested and it works… Go in my web radio click on the three dot and add web radio. Set a name and URL (I tested with your first link). Save and play!

I do your exactly procedure but It doesn’t work. What can I do? I dont want to reset everything
Thank you

No one have this issue at all?
I tried again but I receive the same error.
What can I do? A complete reset?


Hi @bassigia

Works for me , but after a minute or so the music stops and I have to hit Play to start the music again
(but now it have been playing for at least 5 minutes without any stops !?)

Have tested

after a factory reset and update to last firmware, I can finally add web radio of my choice.
But with ai-radio there’s still the problem that every song, Volumio stop playing and I have to hit play button again.
But with the other web radio added there’ s no problem at all. I’m stuck.

One last thing:
Is it possible to show in the main screen the codec when playing a web radio?
There is a plugin of Radio Paradise in the repository that show the codec and the sample frequency, is there a way to show with the others?

Many thanks!