Importing playlists

Hi all. I have been looking everywhere for an answer to how I import playlists, but can’t find anything. It’s probably super simple. But please indulge me. I’m losing my mind!

All my music is coming from a NAS and I want to take advantage of some of the playlists I have already created in iTunes.

I’ve exported some playlists from iTunes in .m3u format… I’m happy with the fact I will have to edit the path for the music files. But I can’t understand where I should put them.

If I look at the Volumio shared drive through OS X, I can see a folder /NAS Music (along with /Ramplay, /USB Music and /WebRadio). Within /Nas Music, I can see my NAS hosted /iTunes folder. It would make sense to put it here. But when I do, volumio just says ‘updating’ in the bottom left of the browser interface (20+ minutes and counting). So I’m not convinced that’s the right solution. I’m happy to SSH into Volumio… but where would I put the file?

This is driving me nuts.

Your playlists are located on /var/lib/mpd/playlists

Thanks for this answer but I can t find this path on my sdcard readed on a linux comp.

Could you help me ? I ve got so much play lists, some of them started 12 year ago…

Thanks a lot

Oh Sorry ! I ve just found…There is 2 volume on the sdcard