Import webradio (pls) to Volumio 3

I haven’t used Volume in a long time, maybe for 3 years or so. Now, I just installed Volumio 3 and I can’t remember what I had to do import pls files (which are radio streams). Could someone please refresh my memory or link a similar question.
Many thanks, F l o

From your web interface, pick My Web Radio, right click on the three dots on the right and click on Add Web Radio:

You will get this pop-up, fill in the URL and you’re good to go:

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OMG! @HeadGeek thanks a million for the instructions. Following the guidelines that had previously found in this forum I literally spent 2 days trying to get to my raspberry specific directory to copy my .pls file with my web radio links.

P.s. good thing is now i know how to browse in the ssh terminal. ls -alh to everyone! :slight_smile: