img of Volumio 2.502

Where can I download the img of Volumio 2.502 (10-10-2018)?

PS: Grabbed from changelog-t1575.html

Perfect, but I can not understand how they do to get the link. Can you explain me?

see older-volumio-versions-img-files-t7009.html#p40483

Something thing along the lines of:

info removed by gkkpch

When i did my linklist, sometimes date differs 1 or 2 day from changelog. i found download while trying.

Ooh, that is a good resource - should stickey the post up!

No this not going to be sticky!

We, moderators, developers and other supporting community members appreciate help, but publishing this “recipe” was not a good idea.
It allows to download also versions which were never meant to be published and may hold serious issues, for which afore mentioned members should not be waisting time on.
Sorry guys…

You can always ask us for an older, published version and we will be happy to supply the download link.

@gkkpch - fair point. Wouldn’t it then be better to add links to the changelog thread? That way all the people downgrading for debugging will have one central resource of published versions , and we won’t have multiple threads popping up with such requests each time someone asks.

Fair enough, I think I will publish the link from the changelog from now on

i mi,
i see you did it once. :slight_smile:
now i have issues with the actual version. (volume change after restart, no autostart plugin activation…)
it works with 2.575 pi version, but can not find the tinkerboard image.
so i am asking for this download link. thanks in advance. judydudi