i'm going slightly mad: software volume - no Mixer Control -


bin around this forum for a couple of weeks now and i have succeeded and failed a lot. my biggest problem on the moment is software volume control.

after installing my DAC in the webGUI i restart my RPi with hifiberry DAC and select software at Mixer Type. After that there is no option (but none) at Mixer Control Name and the Gui freezes.

please help…

system version: 2.201
RPi: RPi 2 and RPi Zero W
DAC: hifiberry DAC+ zero, Miniamp and pimoroni speaker phat
sd: 2x 4GB and a samsung 32GB

installed from scratch: very often
downloaded image: 3 times
feed the fish: twice a week

i mentioned in an other topic that after the GUI freezes the power consumption went from 0.2 A to 0.9 A on the hifiberry minimal and the pimoroni speaker phat and the speakers are getting quit HOT…

I wonder if your DAC is faulty???

thanks for the reply

to rule that out i tried the Hifiberry DAC+ Zero, pimoroni speaker pHat and the pimoroni pHAT DAC

all the same…