IHeartStream - Playlist doesn't start

SO I had a quick look around and saw a chap recommend that you pull the stream location from iHeartRadio.

So I’ve managed to do this and confirm in VLC that it works.

The PLS is

Which seems to link to
radionetwork-iheart-ice.streamgu … /zmihr.aac

Ideally I’d like to have the PLS being called as the stream location may change, and in VLC it updates the media information. But anyway, getting some output would be nice. I’ve tried manually creating a WEBRADIO .PLS file with the stream link, but I can’t get it to play.

I’ve also tried using the Web UI to add a playlist with the stream link again I couldn’t get it to do anything, double click, or add and play didn’t seem to do anything.

Can I do it this way?