Identifying network lag on some devices

Hi all,

thanks in advance for any pointers. I’m trying to work out why some of my devices lag spectacularly when controlling volumio wirelessly. I’ve got a server with a samba share serving up FLACs connected via a cat6 network to my Pi4 which is only running volumio. If I use my iPhone 11 to access volumio then everything is perfect, I can scroll albums and controls react instantly. However, if I use my iPad Pro or MacBook Pro to control volumio then the artwork loads so slowly that it makes navigating impossible and the lag on play/pause/other interactions is awful. All three devices are connecting to the same network wirelessly, all have excellent wifi throughput when I look up their connection stats (e.g., the MacBook Pro currently has a tx of 1300 Mbps and rx of 24 Mbps reported at the router) and yet two of them lag - any ideas what I can do to fix this? Can’t work out why one device is flawless whilst the others (with similar if not better wireless connection) are unusable. Doesn’t matter if I use the IOS app either.

Thanks again

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v2.907
Hardware: Pi4 4gb
DAC: allo digiOne

Hi, Could this perhaps be related to cache settings in the browser? Particularly highres artworks may take a while to load. If your device reset the cache after each browser session in Volumio, this process iterates over and over again. Just a thought. Good luck!

This could be completely wrong but I seem to remember something like this coming up on the forum some while ago. I think, and again it could be wrong, that they found things sped up when the used the volumio address in the browser, rather than volumio.local
Might help… might not…

Thanks for getting back to me, after a lot of painful searching I’ve just discovered that this is browser specific (at least on my MacBook Pro)…if I use safari then I encounter this issue (even if I’ve cleared the cache), but if I use Firefox then I get no such issue! The iPad is still a mystery, the same fix doesn’t seem to hold true, nor does it explain why the iPhone works fine using safari!