I2S with RPI2 and currymanDAC not working

Hi there!

I want to use the RPI2 withthe CurrymanDAC (ES9023) directly over the GPIO Pins. Volumio is working and the Sound is playing through the crappy 3,5mm Audio Port of the RPI2.

I connected the RPI2 to the currymanDAC like this:


I changed the I2S Settings though the WebUI to “Generic”, restarted the RPI but still the sound only comes out through the crappy 3,5mm Audio port.
I also tried some other I2S Settings from the Dropdown menue but it didn’t help me with my problem.

Did I oversee something important/essential? Do I need to install or load drivers/modules?!

Can anyone help me to get the RPI 2 with volumio working with I2S and the currymanDAC?!

Thanks in advance!

Don’t use generic, use hifiberry dac. I have same setup and its working.