I2S reclocking card on Tinker Board S which driver ?

Good morning,
With the containment in Paris vicinity I have some time for playing with different solutions for a good streamer. I received few days ago an ASUS Tinker Board S which I try to use with an Ian Canada FifoPi card (I2S hat reclocking and isolator card) with an I2S HDMI LVDS adapter (still from Ian Canada). This combo works great on a RPI4 for PCM files and DSD64 files in DOP mode.
Since the Tinker board S has a better I2S implementation and since it is the board in Volumio Primo I wanted to give it a try and hoped to be able to listen to my DSD128 files in dop mode but none of the 4 avalaible I2S drivers works at all with my system (I use the last version of Volumio 2.729).
Any idea would be welcome.
Thanks, Florent