i2S MCLK (Master Clock) output of Odroid c2/c1+

I2s an electrical serial bus interface stand used forconnnecting digital audio device together
Accounting to Hardkernel’s datasheet dn.odroid.com/S905/Schematic/odr … 160226.pdf :
I2S Out: This bit controls the clock to the logic between the DRAM control unit and the FIFO’s that transfer data to the audio clock domain.
Oroid C2 /C1+ has 128FS and 256FS clock output natively on the MCLK pin.
16/32/44.1/48/96/192Khz use the 256FS.
256/352.8/384Khz use the 128FS.
How many users tested if i2S MCLK (Master Clock) output of Odroid c2/c1+ functioned properly to connect I2s DAC board?

I have pcb Rpi2, Rpi3, Allo Sparky, Odroid c2. With Allo Kali and Piano 2.1 the best pcb i2s for me, by far, is the C2 Odroid. The sound is more realistic. You can hear a good analogue recording, while with the other pcB you can hear a good cd.


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Why :smiley: ?

I prefer to choose the music I listen to, and the radio stations do not sound good to me, I prefer my records.